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26th February 2006

Hi John,

Just an update on the modelling front. I think possibly that I'm alone amongst the ex BKS people in being interested, but I can now inform anyone who is interested that decals (transfers) are now available to model Tridents, Britannias and Ambassadors in BKS colours, something I've waited nearly 40 years for. Coming along are sheets for Viscounts along with conversions to make V700 and V800 versions. If Northeast is your cup of tea, then a sheet for G-ANBK in the interim BKS / Northeast colours is available as well as yellow Viscounts and Tridents. Links to THAS where they can be found were provided in previous communications. Kits to go with them are also available but need searching out. I can advise anyone who is bothered. nigelbunce@btinternet.com See the attached sample scans below. These are produced as a cottage industry style business by genuine enthusiasts, I know, I've met them and I thought I was an anorak !!
Nigel Bunce




UPDATE - Can anyone Help Biggles

I have had a bit of luck with BKS model transfers. I have a guy in the 'States interested in doing the artwork, but we lack fine detail. I have many pictures for him of the BKS fuselage side logo and the 'globe' logo on the fins, but no really good close ups. Now, there were many decals made at the time, of the globe logo, probably around 4 inches dia but some probably bigger. They were made for sticking on windscreens, office doors, van sides etc. Could you see if you can lay your hands on a decent picture, so that the bloke can do decent artwork. I know that the very last versions on the fins were devoid of the 'Air Transport Limited' lettering below the BKS, but it doesn't matter either way. I bet someone has a decal (sticky backed) squirreled away somewhere


Hi Biggles,
I am trying to get some BKS decal (transfer) sheets made to suit scale models of various aircraft types flown by BKS, for which there already exists a plastic kit. These would include the Lizzie, V700/800, Britannia, Dak, Trident and Viking, plus (with some surgery to the Airfix kit) the Bristol 170 'Frightener'.
My chum Tony who runs The Aviation Hobby Shop in West Drayton is interested but needs to be sure of several sales to make them viable. These are now much easier and cheaper to produce with table top software, and would probably come out to around 10 a go, with a minimum economic production run of around 25 sheets. He already has several very nice sheets available for our BAS cousins, Cambrian, for the V700, 1-11 and Dak. 
The decal sheet at the moment is only a proposal and will only happen if interest is shown by enough people. My preference is for a mixed scale sheet with several BKS logos and 'globes' , but in reality what might happen is a sheet for one aircraft, probably the available 1/96 scale Glencoe Models Viscount 700. Others could follow depending on demand. There is no money being asked for, just a show of hands at present.
Do you think that you could publicise this fact for me on the website?
Anyone who would like to express an interest could e mail Tony at tony@thas.demon.co.uk
Best wishes as always, Nigel Bunce