BKS                    AVRO 652a Anson 1 G-ALXH

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G-alxh-1.jpg (29292 bytes) G-ALXH AVRO 652a Anson 11
(ex W1731) 

Landing at Southend
G-alxh-2.jpg (55409 bytes) G-ALXH (as an Anson 11)Amongst the Tudors at Southend
G-alxh-3.jpg (67015 bytes) G-ALXH (As an Anson 1- count the windows) in the hanger at Southend in the early days

Photos above supplied by
The A.J.Jackson Collection

Martin Slater wrote
"I started work at Yorkshire Light Aircraft Ltd at Leeds/Bradford Airport on 8th April 1963 as an apprentice straight from school. 

One of my first jobs on that day was to sit in the pilots seat of Anson G-ALXH and activate the brake lever whilst someone below did some adjustments. I was very excited by this as you can imagine a 15 year old lad would be. 

The next day it crashed at Guiseley and I was involved in the dismantling and transporting of the wreck back to the airfield.


Photos Supplied by Martin Slater