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G-AMSF Dakota C47B ex RAF

Entered Service 4/6/52 carrying 32 passengers from Blackbushe to Basle under contract to Airwork. Several days later it carried 50 baskets of racing pigeons from Bovingdon to Brussels. On 28/6/52 G-AMSH left Blackbushe for Basle with a party of students. For the rest of 1952 it was a mixture of Students and Pigeons

(No prize for guessing who made the greatest mess)

On 13th July 1952 this Dakota flew twenty eight Greek seamen from Sunderland to Athens after they had delivered their forty year old ship to the breaker's yard in Sunderland. Then it returned to Blackbushe to fly another load of students to Basle. Then it undertook one on the longest distance charter flights ever made by the company. It left London with almost 3 tons of ship's machinery and flew to Colombo with the round trip being completed in 7 days and 75hrs flying.

Photo supplied by
The A.J.Jackson Collection