BKS                                Viscount V806 G-APEY

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Vickers Viscount V806

Purchased from BEA (William Murdock) 2nd April 1968

Transferred to Northeast 1st November 1970

G-APEY Viscount 806
How the Times Change !!!

The begining of 1974 and G-APEY is shown here wearing the new British Airways Colour scheme having gone full circle.

BEA - BKS(British Air Services) -Northeast - BEA - British Airways

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G-APEY joined British Air Ferries in 1981. BAF used it for a variety of foreign oil contracts, and then brought it home for North Sea oil work in 1982, naming it "Viscount Shetland".It operated daily connections from Gatwick to Maastricht for Virgin Atlantic Airways in March 1989. It was to become the last Viscount to operate passenger services in the UK, with a final tour at the end of 1997 carrying some 1100 enthusiasts in 18 flights. It was sold to South Africa in January 1998, marking the final end to nearly half a century of Viscount passenger operations in the UK. After being used by several South/Central African operators it was stored in N’Djili, Kinshasa in 2003 and scrapped in July 2008.