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This aircraft is one of the few ex BKS aircraft still in existence although not flying

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G-APHV in Museum of Flight 2006

G-APHV is at present in the Museum of Flight at East Fortune Airfield in East Lothian. Before that the Anson  was owned by the Strathallan Aircraft Collection until 1977. They painted the Aircraft in RAF colours as “VM360”.

Thilo Burgel (Aircraft and Technology Assistant Conservator) has contacted me and asked "It would be great if you are able to ask your "readers" for photos and additional information about this particular aircraft during BKS service. I don’t have any pictures of the interior, for example."

He has also sent in a report on the project.

"It is really a conservation project, not a refurbishment.
In 1977 the aeroplane was in a very bad condition. Therefore our volunteers stripped the linen and replaced some of the wooden parts. The aircraft will not be covered with linen in the near future. The structure will be visible for the visitors. The nose, mainplanes, tailplanes and fin are still silver with RAF markings. That is the paint scheme we will keep on these parts.
Every Wednesday I work with two Volunteers on the Anson. Therefore it is a very slow progress.
A couple of years ago (before I arrived at the Museum) the Volunteers removed the linen and a lot of parts.
They started to replace wooden parts (ribs, stringer and some panels). We finished the rebuild of the tailcone last week.
We will cover some wooden parts with linen – rudder, tailcone, cargo and passenger door and the wooden panels around the passenger windows.
Flaking paint will be attached and consolidated. Areas with missing paint will be retouched.
We don’t repaint the aircraft because we don’t want an exhibit that looks like new – or how we call it: Like an Airfix Kit."

If you would like to help with the project by contributing information, photographs, money or time, please contact by writing or if you like I will forward e-mails on to Thilo (Click Here)

Thilo Burgel
Aircraft and Technology Assistant Conservator
Museum of Flight
East Fortune Airfield
East Lothian
EH395LF   Telephone 01620 897251

G_APHV.jpg (28034 bytes) G-APHV in BKS colours?

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