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This  photo shows some of Nigel Bunce's fellow apprentices posing at Southend 

This Photo is taken from page 7 of  BKS News issue 4 and hence the poor quality. The article discusses the problems that the Engineering Group faced and the beaming faces above were the hope of the future.

If you are one of these individuals and would like to get in touch with Nigel send me an e-mail

The apprentices worked on G-AMAD in 1967 and converted it for horse transportation. The end result was a beautiful looking aircraft. The model shown here was built by Nigel Bunce and the beautiful decals produced by Bob Parkin. Nick Thatcher provided the bar on which to display the model showing what the finished work looked like. Notice the shining engine nacelles, which would not have remained in that condition for long when in service.

A photograph of G-AMAD on engine test after conversion

 I (Biggles) remember standing on the roof gardens at Heathrow in the late 1950's watching an Ambassador start up. It was so unlike other aircraft. First  there was a clank as the starter motor started to spin the prop, then a cough and a splutter before the the engine rumbled into life emitting a massive cloud of oily smoke.  The smoke cloud was only beaten by that left behind by early Boeing 707's on a take-off assisted with water injection.