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BKS had staff in several locations and I know that ex-staff in Newcastle and ex-staff at Leeds/Bradford have got together in the past to enjoy themselves reminiscing and finding out was has happened in other peoples lives since those days. ( I haven't heard of re-unions at Southend, Belfast, Dublin or even London yet

The purpose of this pages is to assist anyone wishing to get in contact with other ex-staff. I will post Details of any forthcoming reunion if someone will send me the details and Also any e-mails requesting information about other ex-staff (I would also love to place photos and reports of any reunion if asked to do so)



There was a recent reunion on May 15th 2010 at 19.30hrs in The Diamond Inn Ponteland
(The Wings Bar at Newcastle Airport (Old Aero Club) has closed down)

Hank has emailed this report - 

This years Reunion was again a great success with 69 old Friends attending including some who had not been before, the Diamond Inn did us proud with an excellent buffet, So much food that in the end we sent all that was left over down to the Bar and it was well received.

If you are interested in attending the next reunion, and you are ex BKS staff and are not already on our database. please get in touch through this website 
Also, our database is rather large and we would like to keep it up to date by eliminating anyone who is no longer interested or maybe has moved home. An e-mail would be appreciated, This will save us money on postage next time. Please pass on the news to anyone you are in touch with. For the same reason (saving money!) we do not send out tickets, but keep a list of expected guests.

contact Hank & Min Clare by e-mail 

Hank and Min  also e-mailed a report of the reunion in 2005. 

The BKS Reunion was held on Saturday 01 October 2005 at the old Aero Club (now renamed Wings Bar) Newcastle Airport. Now known as Newcastle International Airport, formerly known and loved as Woolsington. As usual, it was a great evening with almost seventy people attending. It could have been a lot more without holidays, illness, etc. getting in the way, as our database now has over one hundred names and addresses. The response is always amazing, considering how many years it is since we all worked together. Many people did not actually work for BKS, but all are old friends who worked closely together when the airport was a great deal smaller and more intimate. Many memories of the old coal stoves being stoked up every morning in the wooden (and draughty) reception building. The baggage was offloaded from the scales though a natty hole in the wall to the waiting trolleys. Very chilly for those standing behind the desks trying to look glamorous through the layers of clothing.

The reunion has been held every two years in the past, but the popular opinion was that it should be every year and it was agreed that this would be on the first Saturday in October. This gives everyone plenty of notice and so will, hopefully, increase the attendance.




The last  LBA reunion that was on 18th November 2005.

I had hoped to place a report here when it is received but none has been forthcoming.

Read about the 1999 reunion of 40 cabin staff





Come on Heathrow, London or Southend personnel - don't let LBA and Newcastle outdo you - Mike McDermott would love a reunion so is Chris Carew-Jones, Rocky Fernandez, Jean, (Roy Scott's secretary), Martin Smith, or Derek Williams out there to form a start to a regular reunion.