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Possible Christmas Party 19??  (Now 2 parties)

If you recognise yourself or others, please e-mail me Biggles

Raymond Hand has now sent two Photographs to me. I am assuming that as his father appears in both photos, they are of different occasions.

Party 1

 "Captain E.A.Hand is on the right hand side with the bow tie and a large grin, and his wife Doreen is in the middle - dark hair and light dress between two men.

John Charlesworth (ex BKS/Northeast Ops LHR) has emailed in :-

"Person next to Capt Hand is F/o Gerry Quinn. Gentleman with glasses is Mr. Taylor engineering director."  

 Nick Thatcher has emailed :-

 "I'm pretty sure the guy on the extreme left is John Daubney, the maintenance foreman at Southend".  

David Holton has emailed :-

My name is David Holton, I was a trainee engine  fitter aged 15 at Southend from 1964-1969.
The person on table D  on the left was hanger Forman J D. and the person behind the table sign was our accountant Fred Groves, the others you know,
Do you know anything about E Hands son Derek, he was also trainee engine fitter at Southend.I lost track of him when we shut down

So it would seem that we know all the men in the photograph. I will take it that one would expect the ladies to be their "other halves" 


Photos of tables A, B, C and any others would be much appreciated if you have them.


Photo One


Party 2   Sent in by Raymond Hand

Captain E.A. HAND is on the right

John Charlesworth emailed:-

Gentleman fourth from left is Vernon Gittins

Photo Two