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Josie Robinson

                                                                                                                         Galley Slave

Josie's husband wrote to me and here is what he said.

"My wife at that time was called Josie Robinson, based at Newcastle airport and was a stewardess for BKS/ NE airlines, from around 1965 to 1970.

 The head stewardess for BKS at Newcastle airport at this time was I believe, Joan Harmer, and the station manager was Jim Shield. There were also a couple characters from the ground staff, who are remembered.  Scott Moffat of cabin services who provided hospitality on Saturday nights after pub closing time. Also an Avionics engineer who was famously known by all as Bacardi John, and spent his off duty hours at the airport social club drinking rum and coke.

Josie's Husband wrote :- When I look back to the 1960ís and early 70ís, I am amazed at the total lack of security at Newcastle airport at the time. Josie left the airline after we married, but on Sat nights we would go to the airport social club in the old terminal buildings, then drive around the perimeter road to the new terminal, and park under the baggage handling apron, have couple of drinks in cabin services, then drive home through the front entrance."

The above photo shows the flight deck of a BKS Britannia (is that a cigarette in the second officers mouth!) 

Josie thinks the first officer with the unlit cigarette, name was Tony Unsworth, and the guy in the middle was the flight engineer, but cannot remember his name (if you look carefully at his right hand he is holding a lit half smoked cig). She also remembers doing 7 day charter flights out of Newcastle for a tour company to Marrakesh via various European destinations with the aircraft on the ground overnight with passengers and crew spending the night in a hotel, I wonder if any one else can remember these trips?

Josie has supplied this picture of Sally Burton at work

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