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Rosemary Brand


If this face is familiar to you, please contact me (Biggles).

She was a receptionist at the time of  the opening of Terminal 1 and there is a picture of her with Roy Scott, Liz Moore and Lynda Mclennan on page 6 of the staff magazine issued in November/December 1968 (Issue 9).  

She is also pictured on page 16 of January/February 1969 (Issue 10) as the BKS representative in the "Miss London Airport" competition)

Rosemary died in 1974 when her son was only 9 months old. He did contact the website to ask if anyone knew her. He would like to know what she was like.  Unfortunately after a computer crash his details have been lost including his name. If he or anyone who knows him could get in touch with me (Biggles) as Lynda (nee Mclennan) has made contact.

Here is what Lynda has to say

" I was friendly with Rosemary in 1968, mainly when we were on shift together but I visited her at home once and saw the amazing  miniatures she painted - very talented.  I left Heathrow in 1969 to get married in April, 1969 and transferred to Yeadon but soon left as it was nowhere near as nice as working at Heathrow.  Rosemary was a lovely person and I was so sorry when I heard she had died  - so very very tragic.  I represented the airline in the "Miss London Airport" competition in 1968 and Rosemary in 1969 .  She was also very friendly with a Jenny Nannery. I lost touch with everyone apart from a Rosemary Froud who I still correspond with each Christmas.
I had never thought of looking up BKS until now for some unknown reason but looking at the photos certainly brought back memories"

If you are in contact with any of the ex BKS staff members mentioned above or you are Jenney Nannery, please contact me. (Biggles)