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Trish Middleton and Friends

If you recognise yourself, please e-mail me Biggles

I have just received this email from Roy Fox - Biggles 5th November 2012

"I believe the man in the white overalls standing between the two uniformed ladies is my father Clifford "Cliff" Fox also he was called "Freddy" by many of the staff.  Cliff and the whole family emigrated to Australia in 1964.  My Father worked with BKS at Yeadon airport for a number of years, he died in Perth Western Australia in 1988, I have many fond memories of my fathers time with BKS and I particularly remember a Captain "Lue Moors" who was very good to me and always encouraged me that I could achieve anything if I applied myself and worked hard.  I believe that Captain Moors was tragically killed with other crew members when an aircraft crashed, I believe the accident occurred around the Newcastle? area.  I live in Townsville  North Queensland and I am 66 years of age and have been retired on a military pension for the last 17 years owing to a disability condition that I received while serving in Vietnam in the Australian Army in 1968 (I was conscripted into the Australian Army in 1966)   Thanks for the many happy memories that the photograph inspired.  

Roston (Roy) Fox  Townsville Australia."