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BKS Air Surveys Ltd

Graham Coomber  and Colleagues

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Graham joined BKS Air Survey Ltd at the age of 17 in 1957. The offices were in Station Approach Leatherhead Surrey (next door to the Ronson Lighter factory). His first job was in the photographic department, but within a few months he became the camera operator in BKS Anson G-ALXH. He flew mainly from Southend, Yeadon, and Woolsington with any pilot that was available from BKS Air Transport, namely Roger Ayers, Dougie Herbert, Peter Lockwood, and (somebody) Adams. 

This photo was taken in the reservations office at Yeadon, Graham Coomber is in the front, but he has forgotten the names of the other two. 

Stan Mason has written in to say that it is Harry Richards who ran Reservations at the time and the lady is Anne and she was also Secretary to Dave Prescott who at the time was manager for LBA region. She married F/O Parker but later divorced as he recalls.


This is a view to the cockpit of BKS Anson G-ALXH

The pilot is Roger Ayers and the navigator John Rice.


One of the BKS pilots Peter Lockwood and Graham Coomber


Graham Coomber, taken at either Yeadon or Woolsington.

The identity of  the person in the uniform is unknown.