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These are newsletters for internal use only. Captain Geo Watson has very kindly allowed me to have copies. However the following editions are missing Nos. 4,5,13,15,16,18,27,28,31,32,34,35,36.  If you have this missing editions, please let me know. (Biggles)

Beware the file sizes will affect the time taken to download 

 BKS News Letters

Editions 1 to 9 (Jul 1963 to Mar 1964) 3.2MB
Editions 10 to 19 (Apr 1964 to Mar 1965) 3.4MB
Editions 20 to 29 (Apr 1965 to Mar 1966)


Editions 30 onwards (Apr 1966 to Jan 1967 plus BKS/BEA joining and Christmas issues) 2.3MB       

Below is a list of Staff Magazines 

BKS News

No.1 April/May 1967 4.7MB
No.2 July/August 1967 4.9MB
No.3 September/October 9.2MB
No.4 November/December 1967 7.4MB
No.5 January/February 1968 1.7MB            
No.6 June 1968 2.8MB             
No.7 July/August 1968 3.0MB              
No.8 September/October 1968 2.3MB              
No.9 November/December 1968 2.3MB              
No.10 January/February 1969 2.8MB              


And now is are some BAS (BKS + Cambrian) newsletters. 

BAS News

No.2 January 1970 1.5MB
No.3 February 1970 1.5MB
No.4 May 1970 1.7MB            
No.5 July 1970 1.2MB             
No.6 September /October 1970 2.9MB             

 No. 1 is missing!  If you have a copy, please contact me (Biggles)

And now for a something a little different. BKS like all airlines had regulations for Crew. Click here to see the 1962 regulations.