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I hope to fill this page with with interesting and possibly amusing stories from all those people out there that can remember BKS

A disclaimer - Below are memories from 30+ years ago. The facts might have been slightly different. On the other hand they might not. Our thanks go to those who share them with us.
One Job application - 4 firms -

Bryan Strong

No where is too remote -

Lawrence Hole

Air Test -

Nigel Bunce

Reversing in the air -

Austin Brown

Looking for a Grandmother


David Brook

Costa Brava Flight -

John Copleston 

Leeds/ Bradford first flight -

Keith Townson

How I wished I kept it! -

Peter JL Rickinson

Cars & Credit card size timetables -

John Healy

Dedicated BKS Engineer -

Stephen P. Nunn

BKS in disguise as RAF -

Alan Merryweather

A collection of memories -

Mike McDermott  

Dad's Treat -

David Corbin

Murky Past -

Eric Driver

A flash in the pan -

Eric Driver

Station Superintendent LHR -

Ray Corsan

"Almost more staff than passengers" -

Derek Ridley

"First Class Aircrew" -

Gordon Lock

What does BKS stand for? -

Anita Smith

A Generous Company -

Wyn Coleman (nee Thompson)

Scales of time -

Andrew Young

Very Important Document -

Charles Woodley

Everlasting Biscuit -

Alan Fisk

A wonderful Weekend shopping -

Neil S Hayes

A Body, a VIP and a "Meal" Ticket -

Anne Jackson (nee Fletcher)

A Disastrous week -

David Depledge

Day old chicks and Mushrooms -

Jenifer Herbert (nee Dunlop)