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Hi Biggles

My name is Derek Ridley and I worked at LHR with BKS and Northeast from 1965-1976 when we were eaten by BEA.

I remember going to Biarritz on the last schedule service there were 17 staff and 21 passengers on board, when we got to Biarritz the aircraft was declared u/s but somehow they managed to fix it and we got back to Heathrow safely which was a good thing being as most of the following days early shift was on board

If I recall correctly the Capt was Arthur Whitlock with Maurice Pink as first officer

Derek Ridley


Capt Arthur Whitlock was a great artist . Here is one of his illustrations from his book "Behind the Cockpit Door"

The lady in the centre of the picture is Felicity and when asked by the Customs Officer "Where did that come from?"  replied "From between my legs"   She was allowed to keep it. 

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