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This is RAY CORSAN, ex Station Superintendent for BKS at LHR. Joined BKS as Traffic officer late 1960 at which time there were only about 5 people working there. As time passed and schedules increased and Ministry of Transport handed ramp handling to the airlines at LHR our staff numbers increased dramatically. At the time I left BKS in 67 we had about 150 staff and about 180 operations per week.

I was introduced to your very interesting website by and old colleague (also ex BKS from the early sixties) namely Ken Stratford, with whom I shared many a red eyed night ,waiting in the traffic office for a charter from somewhere or a delayed scheduled service.

A few other names who were there whose names I can still remember are John Newby, Margaret Taylor, Damian Pavillard (Pav), Max Laurie, Brian Lathey, Pat Evans, there are others but the old grey matter is a bit slow these days.

In 67 I answered an Ad. in the Telegraph by Central African Airways, they were looking for a Station Manager at the new airport in Lusaka for Zambia Airways and I got the job, this was the beginning of a long association with Africa for me. I spent 5 years with QZ and then joined B.CAL in West Africa (initially) , finally left B.CAL in 98 when they were bought out by BA. Then joined Air Europe for 2 years then finally worked for a U.S. Corporation called Air Cargo Inc.

Would love to hear from any BKS people , especially LHR employees during the period 60 - 67, that includes any aircrew.

Raymond Corsan [mail@rcorsan.freeserve.co.uk]

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