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Dedicated BKS Engineer

I was very pleased to happen upon your fascinating website. My late father, Peter Nunn (1931-1995) joined BKS at Southend in 1953 as a mechanic (after leaving the RAF) and worked for them until 1957. I have his photograph album and his Log Book from this time. From these it would appear that he went to Kirk Bride (on the Scottish Border) in 1953 with "Slim and the boys" to collect ex-RAF Dakotas for the BKS fleet. (not known to us at the time, my late father-in-law actually took them to Kirk Bride from the RAF!). I have photos of that period of his work (including pictures of parts of Dakotas and a BKS van with "BKS Engineering Ltd. Southend & Newcastle Airports" written on the side) and a newspaper cutting of a BKS day outing (on a Dakota) to Ostend. I also have coloured pictures of Dakotas in BKS livery (G-AMYW and G-AMZC). I have three different postcard views of the fleet - the G-AMSH & G-AMVB Dakotas in straight and level flight that you have on your site (my father was actually on-board the aircraft that took this picture), but another view of them climbing and a shot of a Viking in flight (G-AJJN). In fact the latter picture is engraved on my father's headstone. 

I also have photos of an Avro Tudor (G-AKCB), of an Anson (G-ALUM) and a Puss Moth (G-ABKZ). His Log Book includes details of flights in the Piper Cub (G-AIYX - in which he had a part share and I have a coloured photo of it), Dakotas (G-AMVC, G-AMSH, G-ANAF and G-AMVB), Gemini (G-AMEJ), Proctor (G-AJTP), Auster (G-AKWS, G-AIZY and G-AJUE), Dove (G-ANGE), Anson (G-AMBE - I have a photo, G-ALIH and G-ALXB), Messenger (G-AKKI), Consul (G-AJXG).

I hope that this is of interest to you. Of course feel free to place the letter on the website as I would be interested in any receiving any memories of my late father.

Best wishes.

Stephen P. Nunn 

(How many people have an aircraft engraved on their headstone? - editor)

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