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Hi Biggles

My name is Anne Jackson (Formerly Fletcher) I worked at LBA for BKS from 1965-1970 when I moved to LAT when we were Northeast airlines, I then became part of BEA and finally when I left in 1974 I was British Airways staff at the Leeds Headrow branch. I am still in touch with several ex staff including an engineer, ground receptionists, air stewardess and several of the girls from res.

What a fantastic time we had. Memories of the Aero Club in all it's glory..

I met my husband John (of Jacksons Taxis) their job was to transport air crew, missing baggage etc. I've spent many a happy hour chasing up and down the M1 to EMA.

I read Neil's story and can well imagine the scene. We've diverted to Teesside on several occasions after trying unsuccessfully to leave.

One amusing story from res was when a call was received asking us to transport a body to Ireland. The switchboard girl asked the caller if the body was alive or dead as the call could either go to Dublin Reservations or cargo.

Another tale I can tell is about an American passenger who checked in at the Bradford Air Terminal for a BKS flight to London with TWA onwards to Washington. He had with him a TWA frequent flyer card (Ambassador card) and the chap who checked him in - never having seen one before thought he was a VIP - an American Ambassador and immediately informed TWA. When the passenger arrived at Washington there was a red carpet and a brass band playing!!! talk about red faces.

Another tale entitled 'Meal Ticket' which you may like to publish.

My friend Cathy Binns issued a ticket to be collected on departure from the air terminal at LBA. An irate ground receptionist came to Cathy, threw the ticket down and asked if she was hungry when she made the ticket out., "What do you mean"? asked Cathy. "Read the ticket" came the reply.

Cathy read "Leeds/Bradford - London Heathrow - Hamburger!

Good luck with the site. It's really good to know BKS lives on in our hearts.

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