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    Hello –have just read your web site on BKS and it brought back a lot of memories for me. I used to fly with them a lot in the 1950’s (I lived in Harrogate) and early 1960’s between LBA & LHR on their DC3’s and at one stage was going out with one of the stewardesses (ah where is she now – most probably a grandmother!!).

Back in 1964 I talked my elderly parents to take their first flight from Yeadon to Ostend (I was taking my father back to the 50th anniversary of W W 1). They had intended to take the bus to London then bus/ferry to Ostend. Once they had flown there was no stopping them and they jetted every year over to America to see my sisters.

I flew in the Elizabethan a few times – if I remember correctly it was called something else (?Ambassador)  but had a number of problems/crashes and was withdrawn. After the mods were done it came out and re-named after the new monarch. (Ed not quite right - BEA called the Airspeed Ambassador - "Elizabethan class")

 Great site – have book marked it to read more fully when I have the time

 David Brook

 P.S  If you can identify that stew please give her my regards (and email if she is foot loose and fancy free – Lots of Love!!!)  

Click here if you are that stewardess and I will put you in touch with David


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