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G-AMAD Airspeed Ambassador was converted to carry horses. My mate Dick Parnacott took these photos of the conversion that took place at Southend  


 We both worked on the conversion and the shots were all taken prior to re entry into service. The airtest took place on the 12th Jun 1968 .

As an aside, being an aviation mad 18 year old, I tried my utmost to get on the airtest but the foreman refused saying that they were combining the airtest with crew training and in fact I well remember several pilots climbing aboard and taking seats in the cabin, including the well known Capt Gerry Hu, of eastern origin, Gerry was in command of the other freighter 'ZR when it landed nose wheel up at LGW about 16 months later, effectively finishing Ambassador ops in BKS. And the airtest? well, about 5pm I was walking to my digs in the town when with a great roar, 'AD went over rather low with nr1 engine shut down and feathered. During the airtest, single engine performance was checked and the prop refused to unfeather afterwards. Maybe the foreman did me a favour after all!  
Cheers, Nigel Bunce


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