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Having worked with B.K.S. as a Passenger Check-in Agent at LHR in the 1960's and later as a Flight Operations Clerk on Northside, I left the Company just as they were being absorbed by BEA  as Northeast Airlines, to work abroad in Germany.
Later on in 1982, I was appointed as Sales Executive South Pacific for a company called United Touring whose main base of tour operations was in East Africa, but there were at this time expanding their tours programme in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Tahiti.            

I was sent out initially via a flight on Air New Zealand to experience some of these countries tours personally with  accompanying persons from the local offices.

During a short stay in Papua New Guinea, I flew from Mount Hagen to Goroka in the middle of the Highlands and seemingly quite remote,  I was in transit to somewhere else on another aircraft.            

To my surprise whilst I was at the small terminal, who should I bump into, but Damian Pavillard who I remember had originally left BKS or Northeast to join Garuda Indonesian Airlines I believe as a Station Superintendent somewhere. We only had a short time to chat about our experiences before I had to connect with my onward flight, but that was really amazing to meet an old colleague so many miles away from London and apparently in the middle of a remote area of Papua Guinea.

 When I was working at LHR check-in Terminal 2 late 1960's, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of checking-in Canadian film starlet, Jill St.John (Bond film “Diamonds are Forever”). She gave me such an engaging smile and thank-you, that it made the rest of my day.

A couple of other notable celebrities I encountered at check-in were Diana Rigg and Tommy Cooper. Also I enjoyed using my knowledge of the German language on the tannoy system near the lounge, to make appropriate announcements to passengers where necessary.         

Others working there at that time were Maxwell Laurie, Rene, Graham Kennedy (Pasenger Supervisor), Rosemary Froud, Carolyne Rainbird, Marie, Jean x 2, Sandy and David (Check-in Supervisor).  In the Traffic Department were Derek Ridley, Damian Pavillard, John Greenwood and Mike ? , who later married Carolyne Rainbird I understand. These are just those names I remember from this period.


Lawrence Hole     


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