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        Great to have the web-site -brings back all sorts of memories. My parents moved to Leeds in 1960 when I was just 9 and we lived in a house with a panoramic view of Yeadon Airport. Naturally I became very interested in the planes flying low over our house on left base for what I would later know as runway 28. I was soon a spotter and by about 1966 I had saved up enough to become an owner of an Air-Band radio - very rare in those days.

I remember one week when BKS had a very bad week, I guess in the winter of 1967. I think it started on the Sunday when Avro 748 G-ATAM wiped of its undercarriage when sliding off the runway and hitting a snow bank. Later in the week, on a dark, wet and windy night, 748 G-ASPL made a heavy landing and burst the nose wheel tyres. The rim from the nosewheel was thrown into a propeller which sent it through the fuselage to rest in the overhead bin. Because this aircraft blocked the main runway (R/W 33 then) and also the secondary R/W 28, an inbound Dakota (possibly G-AMSH) elected to land on R/W 19 which was rather short and only lighted by oil burning goose-neck flares. On the approach, it hit a tree doing serious damage to the wings, undercarriage and engines. He did however manage to deposit it on the runway with no casualties.

In the summers of 1969, 1970, and 1971 I worked as a baggage loader during my college hols. and remember some of the BKS girls (but not Anne Fletcher who has written a piece, I'm afraid). I remember Carol who had a boy friend in Chicago and used to pop over there for the weekend, Diana with her Mini who used to give me a lift to/from work when our shifts coincided and Moira (?) who went out with one of my colleagues, Adrian, a trainee Doctor who was the son of Arthur Carvell, the CFI at the Yorkshire Aeroplane Club.

Hope you will get some more stories.


David Depledge

(Long since moved to Coventry where we recently had a visit from a Metro operated by the new Spanish operator, BKS !!)

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