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Funny to find BKS. I was a stewardess with them in 1956. Mainly flew with Captain Watson who I came across about twenty years later when I flew on a skiing holiday. There was an accident I believe and the first officer who flew with Eddie Watson was the captain. It was exceptionally hard work. The stewardesses had no union hours so when the pilots changed we were kept on!!!! Wouldn't happen now. I remember flying back and forth to Belfast three times a day. Sometimes the extra passengers were day old chicks or mushrooms!!

All was very rushed as we could not put the water heaters on until we took off, so you can imagine how short a time we had.

The training for stewardesses was one, I repeat, one flight with a stewardess who had been there some time, and then you were on your own!!! Also I remember a Captain Betts - and a large man whose name began with M, and another Captain who looked thoroughly scared and sweated an awful lot when we landed and took off.!!!

We took pilgrims to Lourdes, Irish footballers to Dublin and lots of sick honeymooners to Jersey and Guernsey!! We had frequent diversions as Yeadon used to be one of the first airfield to go down in bad weather. Even diverted to Dishforth.

(More pilots names....I gave you Eddie Watson and Lou Mose(Eddie Watson's First Officer)...Captain Mailer was the big man, Capt Steadman the frightened one and Captain Betts very elegant.)

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