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On the morning of Monday 16 March 1970, I flew from Belfast (Aldergrove, now Belfast International) to Liverpool in a Viscount on the Belfast-Liverpool-Leeds service.

Having had no breakfast, I was very hungry, but I had made the mistake of taking a seat at the back of the aircraft, while the air hostess (as I believe she was still called) worked her way down the aircraft with her trolley.

By the time she reached me I was starving. She put a cup of coffee and a very welcome packet of biscuits down on my tray, just as I looked out of the window and saw the Liverpool Pier Head below. At the same moment, the imminence of landing in Liverpool was announced, so she snatched away the packet of biscuits for which I had waited so long and so desperately.

I have often wondered how many times that packet of biscuits flew back and forth between Belfast, Liverpool, and Leeds!

If that flight attendant reads this message, can I have my biscuits now, please?

Best wishes,

Alan Fisk

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PS. This was an amusing memory, not a complaint. I had no problem with the service. It was just that there wasn't time for me to be fed!

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