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From 1963-1966 I worked as a humble junior accounts clerk in Seymour Mews  House, London W.1, what was then head office. It was a great atmosphere, being in the same building as Cyril Stevens and all the big wheels.

We 'erks' used to get given all sorts of menial odd jobs to do and I remember being told to get a taxi to the Air Registration Board offices to pick up the UK Certificate of Airworthiness for the first BKS Viscount (G-ATTA), which was in the process of being delivered in easy stages from United Airlines in the States. I was then to take another taxi and deliver the paperwork to the BKS operations department, which was then based at the North Side complex at Heathrow. Someone told me that a cockpit window blew in at some stage during the delivery and had to be replaced by a pillow but I don't know if this is true.

While I was at Seymour Mews House, someone organised a staff weekend trip to Paris, for which we obtained the use of an Ambassador and an off-duty crew, and a riotous time was had by all.

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