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I was born in the late 50's so my memories of the old Woolsington "terminal" are pretty vague. However, it's funny what sticks in a young mind. The scale they used to weigh the baggage on, was this huge (to a young mind) thing similar to the ones you used to see in Woolworth's to measure your own weight. It had a big round face with a huge pointer. Seems archaic now.

I still remember walking out the door straight onto the tarmac to the Elizabethans. As you probably know, while the new runway and terminal was being built, operations were switched to RAF Ouston. I never flew from there, but one of my Aunts did.

I also remember the biscuits they used to serve on the Heathrow flight. They were like digestives with rock hard icing on top, all different colours. Snacks were served on plastic, light blue plates I think.

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