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I was a hostess for BKS from 1964 - until November 1967 when I married a pilot with the company. In those days you had to leave the company as insurance would not cover you working together. However I was paid until January - (three months notice was my contract in those days) - after being paid for three months without work, I told them they had better stop paying me. I guess if I had not done so they would have continued to pay me forever!!. They were very pleased that I told them as I had slipped the net. 

My career started in Reservations, moving to Reception and then on to flying 

I was at Leeds/Bradford airport when the terminal burned down. My photo was in the paper, taking passengers to the aircraft that morning showing that we were undaunted by the incident. From then on we worked in hangers. 

Many times the snow was so thick on the ground. Passengers would finally arrive by coach instead of plane, due to diversions, and would find that they could not start their cars. We were useful once again and took off the distributor caps, tied baggage labels to them so as not to get confused as to how to put them back. We dried them out in front of blow fires in the office and then sent the passengers happily on their way. I can tell you they were very grateful to us. 

 My name was Wyn Thompson and I married John Coleman who left BKS just before the merger and joined BEA with his father and went on to become a training captain with British Airways on the 747 400. He has just retired this year and is now doing a short stint with Cargolux on the same type.  

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