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Wyn Coleman and I were on the ground together at Leeds - in the hangar - in 1965 and then both decided to 'go aviating'... she of course soon got married to John Coleman and had to resign, but I went on to fly out of London and moved to Windsor, from Harrogate which was my home at the time. I flew until 1970 on the Brits, Avros and Viscounts of course and had a great time with the girls and the crew.

We always got asked the question whilst flying as to what BKS stood for. Well, we gauged our replies carefully, and if we thought this reply would go down well, we would say : Bed, Kisses and Sex... it usually went down well.

I was on a Brit. going to San Sebastian with three other girls. I checked the bar, as usual, we took off, landed, returned in the night and I had to do the bar papers. I counted up the money and I was 40 quid UP!! I mean this was serious money; I got all the girls to check and we had not made a mistake. It was agreed between us therefore to put in the papers with the correct money and lay low for a couple of weeks until I got my receipt back. Sure enough it came back so we split the 40 quid between us...word did leak out, although we all swore secrecy, and it was amazing how many girls suddenly wanted to fly with me!!

When we were flying up to LBA from London, we used to link up with PIA, as this was the sixties and the time of immigration. It was hell doing a head count because the Indian ladies all wore saris and hid the babies under them, so the headcount on the Avro would be always full, 44 heads, no 45 heads, no 42 heads, then once up in the air with a frustrated captain often nearly 50 heads would appear, a nightmare.

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