BKS      Farewell Dinner Glass

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John Digweed has sent in this photo of his glass kept from the Farewell Dinner for BKS and writes " I can't remember too much about the dinner as it was my first official engagement as manager of the BEA office, having just arrived from Manchester, so I didn't know too many people. I do know that I was at a table together with Norman Byers (local SAS manager) and Les Rayner (District Manager, BEA). I believe Jim Shields was there, also Tony McHale and Brian Purvis, but beyond that I can't remember, its now 36 years ago. I do recall it was held at Newcastle Airport in the restaurant overlooking the tarmac. I can't remember the date or much less the menu I'm afraid."

John has done well to remember what he has, but If you were there and can remember more please contact me

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