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Ambassador  G-AMAD at Heathrow G-AMAD          Airspeed Ambassador (Elizabethan)   C/N 5211 Served with BEA until purchased by BKS on 23rd July 1957. This aircraft flew the first ever scheduled flight by any airline between Leeds and Heathrow on 3rd October 1960

Here it is shown in 2 different BKS colour schemes. The top photograph shows the aircraft at Heathrow.

G-AMAD flying After many years carrying passengers for BKS, it was converted to a Horse Freighter. On the 3rd of July 1968, during landing at Heathrow, a rod operating the port flap sheared causing the aircraft to crash. The aircraft hit two BEA Tridents (severing the tail of one) and finished against the side of the terminal building. Two of the eight crew on board survived, but all eight horses on board perished. Many people on the ground were injured. 
Picture supplied by Dick Parnacott of G-AMAD receiving a new coat of paint at Southend
and G-AMAD on Engine test at Southend

Picture supplied by Dick Parnacott


Below details of the new colour scheme. Photograph was taken the day before it's airtest following conversion from passenger to horsebox- picture available from Bob Hobbs http://www.transportphotos.com/air/photo/AG00617