History of Ball Clay extraction in Purbeck

The British Library Website Archives has archived a website that no longer exists that gives a brief history of the
 extraction of Ball Clay in Purbeck. 

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You will be looking at a website that will no longer be updated.
However it contains history that shouldn't be forgotten and that is why the British Library has archived it.

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For further information here are some further sources of information

Published in August 2014 is Chris Legg's  book on Fayles Tramway. Published in 2016 is his other companion book - The Furzebrook Railway


Andrew P M Wright 
Chris Legg 
(with 1891 "Cloister" in steam behind him)

The books are the BEST comprehensive history of  Ball Clay extraction in Purbeck produced and well worth a read. 

Chris Legg knew many Purbeck ball clay miners, managers and their families over many

 years and his books are  very people orientated stories with fascinating photographs and

 drawings many of which are published for the first time.


Other books worth a read on a son of a Purbeck Clay Merchant (if you can find copies) are

An unassuming Gentleman

Gwen Hayball


"Home from the Hill"

Peter Murray


Through the Subarctic Forest