Blackmore War Memorial

Transcription of names

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The War Memorial on The Green at Blackmore is a hexagonal pillar. It lists those men who died, and who served, in the First World War. On the front face are the names of those who gave their lives. To the left is a list of those men from Blackmore who served whilst to the right are those men associated with Blackmore who served.


Front Panel
Left Side
In memory of those who gave
their lives for their country
in the Great War 1914 1918

The following connected with
Blackmore also served in
His Majesty's Forces

The following connected with
Blackmore also served in
His Majesty's Forces

Sec Lieut G W Pigott RFA Pte A Roast Bedford Lieut-Col W G Piggott OBE Rifle Bde
Sec Lieut A I Miller MMRIR Pte H Allen Border Major H C C Hackney RAMC ITFY
Stoker W Brazier RN Corp C Miller Essex Capt J H Hull Essex
A/B E Alexander RN Corp J Monk Essex Sub-Lt A L Jasper PMR
A/B B Nash RN Corp P Pagram Essex Sec-Lt G V Jasper MGC
A/Mech W Scudder RNAS Pte W Chumbley Essex Sec-Lt R Ingram RAF
Pte G White RMLI Pte C Hasler Essex P Offr A Griffiths RN
Bomd. A Godding RFA Pte T Livings Essex P Offr D Martin RN
Cr E Sutton RCA Pte C Miller Essex Cr G Attridge RN
Drv C Nash RE Pte H Ovel Essex A/B S Ball RN
Drv A J Wheal RE Pte F Penson Essex A/B S Brazier RN
Pte C Stiff Essex Str E Brown RN
Pte H White Essex A/B G Farmer RN
Pte J Wiltshire Essex A/B E Murkin RN
Pte F Wilson Essex Str J Murkin RN
Pte G Woollard Essex Str F Saye RN
Pte J Wray Essex Str A Wheal RN
Pte A Wright Essex
Pte A Chumbley Middsx A/B W Woollard RN
Pte R Chapman Middsx OS J Wilson RN
A/M L Ingram RMES
Sgt W Sankey RASC Tr B Whitmore Essex Yeo
Cpl J Pagram RASC Tr R Whitmore 15th Hus
Drv P Roast RASC Gr W Wood RFA
Pte W Burr RASC Gr J Brinkley RGA
Pte W Chumbley RASC Gr A Jobson RGA
Pte A McLaren RASC Gr J Monk RGA
Pte E Ovel RASC Spr B Surridge RE
Pte C Pagram RASC Spr T West RE
Pte F Wood RASC Pte E Puddephatt RW Surrey
Pte A Boyd RAMC Pte F Wray RW Surrey
Sgt/Mec C Pratt RAF Pte W Brown Roy Fus
Sgt H Matthews RAF Pte H Rayner Roy Fus
Ft Sgt J Woollard DSM Pte E Wager Roy Fus
Cpl/Mec G Newcombe RAF Pte G Wash Roy Fus
A/M A Ovel RAF Pte H Game X Liverpool
L/Cpl A Wheal MCC Pte A Hart Norfolk
Gr C Knight MCC Pte A Humphreys Norfolk
Pte L Chumbley MCC Pte J Horrex Devon
Pte H Pavitt ACC Pte S Martin Suffolk
Gr T Roast Tank C
Pte C Wray Labour C
Pte F Smith Labour C


With thanks to A Smith for this transcription.

URL: http://www.blackmorevillage.co.uk/