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 Bradbury's Family High Arm

Bradbury's High Arm Family.

This Transverse Shuttle machine probably dates to c1897. It is the early version of the High Arm Family machine with curved hand crank fitting, catch to gain access to the base and Gold Filigree decals which are in a reasonable condition, the company Trade Mark - the Duke of Wellington appears on the pillar.
The machine has a lift up lidded case similar to the one on the Family No. 1.

Although it was made in some quantity there is very little advertising material available for this model. The design is similar to that of the Singer 48 which it predates and the High Arm Family machine may have been introduced to compete with imported German machines of this class.

Threading & Oiling of
Bradbury's High Arm Family Machine

 Bradbury's High Arm Family T.S.

Bradbury's High Arm Family

A Bradbury High Arm Family Combination with stunning floral decals which are repeated on the back of the machine and front edge of the belt guard.
The manual which came with this machine has the last medal awarded to the Company as Birmingham 1901, from this and other information we believe it was made in 1902 and so may have been a 50th anniversary model.

The treadle stand is the revised type with plain tread plate and 'BRADBURY' cast into the cross brace instead of the large 'B' which was used on earlier stands. The straight moulded Walnut table has a flap, four drawers with tear-drop pulls and a centre swivel drawer.

 High Arm Family three quarter view
 Table & Stand.

When used as a treadle the machine is placed on top of the table where it is held in place by its feet which fit into four shallow holes. The treadle belt passes through the wooden base of the machine and then through the table. When required the machine can be easily lifted from the treadle stand and used as a normal hand machine.

The four small holes for the machine feet can be seen on the table top. The two larger holes towards the right hand end of the table are for the treadle belt to pass through. The swivel drawer is shown partly open.

Table top
 Stand & Case.

This machine has its original Bradbury accessory box. This has 'Family' stamped underneath and it includes an illustration of the Bradbury Soeze the same design of box was used for other Bradbury Models. From the Medal tally on the box lid we know the art work of the box dates from after 1901.

We are very grateful to Chris Merchant who very kindly donated this superb Bradbury Machine to our collection.

 Bradbury's Family High Arm

Bradbury's High Arm Family.

This machine probably dates to c1904. The Red & Gold decals are in relatively good condition although there is some wear on the arm. The Duke of Wellington Trade Mark appears on the bed.
Note the straight bottom to the casting attaching the hand crank mechanism to the head, earlier versions like the one above had a curved casting.

 Bradbury's Family High Arm

Bradbury's High Arm Family.

This machine is a late production model probably from 1905 or 1906. Apart from minor cosmetic alterations the design of the High Arm Family machine remained unchanged throughout its production. This example is in very good condition and came complete with it's original manual.

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