The Big Gundown

US Pressbook

Mr Ugly sells 'Big Gundown' Excitement!

Lee Van Cleef comes to town in 'The Big Gundown' as Mr.Ugly, a man whose menacing appearance fits the characterization of a deadly manhunter. Exploit the Mr.Ugly angle in the following ways in advance of playdate.

  • Find one or more local men whose rugged, musculine looks might qualify them as a 'Mr. Ugly', in a radio-sponsored contest. An idea would be to have listeners vote for the local deejay they think represents Mr.Ugly. Run photos of contestants on a lobby board and invite them to attend opening night, with the winner dubbed 'Mr. Ugly' on stage. Stunt might also be confined to a college campus with sorority girls doing the voting!
  • Go after local tie-ups: Barber Shops, Haberdashers; "Feel Like 'Mr. Ugly'? Drop in for a Change of Mood!"
  • Distribute at the theatre and throughout town a quantity of small manila envelopes containing a hard candy. Imprint copy on envelopes: "Feel Like 'Mr. Ugly' Today? Sweeten your Disposition! Then See Mr. Ugly in 'The Big Gundown' State Theatre."
  • Send a ballyman dressed as Mr. Ugly through town on foot or on horseback. Sign on his back carries theatre and picture message.
  • Stencil the 'Mr Ugly Comes to Town' line on street corner crossings in heavy pedestrian areas. If feasible, make up stickers featuring the copy with picture and playdate credits.

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