Spaghetti Westerns (general)

Spaghetti Western Web Board The place to discuss all things Spaghetti. There is an incredible wealth of knowledge here. The place to get all those obscure questions answered. And a friendly and good-humoured bunch they are too. (I post under the pseudonym 'Blindman')
Spaghetti Westerns in America John Nudge's Spaghetti Western site.
Adios Gringo Excellent Spanish site.
Tre Ragazzi D'Oro Japanese Spaghetti Western website. Loads of images and sound bites. (In English and Japanese).
Shobary's Spaghetti Westerns Excellent site - particularly like the kill count on the reviews section.
Spaghetti Cinema William Connelly's website. The place to get "Spaghetti Cinema" fanzine.
Spaghetti Western Database Sebastian's website is the definitive online database for all things Spaghetti Western.
Dust, Bullets & Sleazy Cowboys Danish website in English. I look forward to seeing the section on Klaus Kinski develop - In the meantime I'm happy to sit back and mouse over his image (try it!).
Dizionario del Western All'Italiana Excellent glossary of Italian words commonly used in Spaghetti Westerns. Steve's the gringo with the lingo!
East Meets West Video Cool site that combines both Spaghetti Westerns and Chambara movies - and if you don't know what they are, you'd better get your butt over there right now and find out!
Marco Leone's Spaghetti Western Page Wolf Man (from the UK band Freak Circus) has created a great website - but we should all refuse to visit it until he makes 'The Ugly, the Pugly and the Pug-Ugly' available on DVD ;-)
French Site In French but mostly image based - loads of images in fact.
Another French Site In French. Nice artwork.
Euro Western Bertrand Van Wonterghem's site - the man behind the excellent EuroBis fanzine.
Die Filmographie Europaischer Western Fatman Dan is creating a invaluable online reference of Spaghetti Westerns film by film. English Language despite the title. Keep up the good work Dan.
Italo Western Tribute Page Nicely designed German site.
Una Bara per Django A Coffin for Django - German site dedicated to the Django films.
Django und Co. Another German site with reviews of many spaghetti westerns.
Rogers SW site Beautifully presented Dutch site.
Spag-Land An image based site.
Companeros Another Japanese site. Dedicated to the author's SW soundtrack collection - and some collection it is too! (In Japanese).
The Unhappy Place European Western & Splatter Films Infosource. The first Argentine site dedicated exclusively to the world of the Spaghetti Westerns
Moon Dawg's Spaghetti Western Page Reviews of Spaghetti Western soundtrack CDs.
Spaghetti Western Replicas Top quality replicas of clothing and accessories as worn by the Man with No Name.
Whitewash City Professional quality, full colour, Wild West models for role playing or just because they look great.