Tony Anthony

Born: 16 October 1937, Clarksburg, West Virginia, USA

Tony Anthony was the star, sometimes scriptwriter, and sometimes producer, of the 'Stranger' series, very much influenced by Eastwood's 'Man with no Name'. As the series progressed it became steadily more surreal with the Stranger travelling to Japan and then Spain to battle with Viking barbarians (???).

But Anthony's best Spaghetti Western role is without doubt in 'Blindman' where he plays a blind gunfighter escorting mail-order brides across the desert. Directed by Fedinando Baldi, Anthony again has scriptwriting and producer credits. The film was a huge success, but surprisingly no sequel was ever made. He still recalls the pain of wearing contact lenses in the desert to simulate his blindness.

Baldi and Anthony later collaborated on a 3D western called 'Comin' At Ya', a loose remake of Blindman. From his experienced gained though working on the 3D film techniques for this movie, Tony Anthony now manufactures specialised lenses for the medical industry.

Spaghetti credentials:
Stranger in Town (1966)
Stranger Returns (1967)
Stranger in Japan (1969)
Blindman (1971)
Get Mean (1975)
Comin' At Ya (1981)