William Berger

Born: 20 January 1928, Innsbruck, Austria.
Died: 2 October 1993, Vienna, Austria.
Birth name: Wilhelm Berger

William Berger has appeared in a long and impressive list of Spaghetti Westerns, including many genre classics such as 'Face to Face', 'Sartana' and 'Keoma'. One of his most memorable performances is as 'Banjo' in the first 'Sabata' movie.

Berger fans looking to check out 'Django Strikes Again' should be sure to obtain a print with the five minute prologue (such as the Anchor Bay DVD), otherwise you will miss him.

Spaghetti credentials:
Ringo's Big Night (1966)
Cisco (1966)
Colt in the Hand of the Devil (1967)
Face to Face (1967)
Sartana (1968)
Today It's Me ... Tomorrow You (1968)
Man Who Cried for Revenge (1969)
No Room to Die (1969)
Sabata (1969)
Sartana in the Valley of Death (1970)
They Call Him Cemetery (1971)
Fasthand (1972)
On the Third Day Arrived the Crow (1972)
Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West (1973)
Son of Zorro (1973)
Yankee Dudler (1973)
Keoma (1975)
California (1976)
Tex and the Lord of the Deep (1985)
Django Strikes Again (1987)