Roberto Camardiel

Born: 29 November 1917, Alagón, Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain
Died: 7 November 1986, Madrid, Spain

Roberto Camardiel makes a brief appearance as the station clerk at the beginning of 'For a Few Dollars More' - "Guy passed by here in person and added on those two zeros." He had previously appeared in Sergio Leone's sword and sandal film 'The Colossus of Rhodes'.

But his standout performance is as the sadistic gay bandit Zorro, with his band of dressed-in-black henchmen, in Guilio Questi's 'Django Kill ... If You Live Shoot!'. One of the most surreal and savage, but also one of the best, entries to the genre.

Spaghetti credentials:
Murieta (1963)
Jaguar (1964)
Adios Gringo (1965)
Arizona Colt (1965)
For a Few Dollars More (1965)
Left Handed Johnny West (1965)
Adios Hombre (1966)
Big Gundown (1966)
Jesse James' Kid (1966)
Relentless Four (1966)
Django Kill ... If You Live, Shoot! (1967)
Train for Durango (1967)
Up the MacGregors (1967)
Between God, the Devil, and a Winchester (1968)
Dollars for a Fast Gun (1968)
Machine Gun Killers (1968)
Challenge of the MacKennas (1969)
Price of Power (1969)
Quinta: Fighting Proud (1969)
Arizona (1970)
Heads You Die ... Tails I Kill You (1971)
It Can Be Done Amigo (1971)
God in Heaven ... Arizona on Earth (1972)
Return of Hallelujah (1972)
Tequila (1974)