Claudio Camaso

Born: unknown
Died: 1977, Italy
Birth name and sometimes credited as: Claudio Volonté

Brother of Gian Maria Volonté.

He is most remembered by Spaghetti Western fans as the eccentric top hat wearing Mendoza in 'Vengeance' - but personally my favourite performance is as Manuel, the bandit who carries his pistol over his shoulder, in 'Ten Thousand Dollars Blood Money'.

Also appeared in Mario Bava's infamous 'Bay of Blood'.

Imprisoned for the attempted murder of his girlfriend, he committed suicide in 1977, unable to tolerate the confinement of his cell.

Spaghetti credentials:
Ten Thousand Dollars Blood Money (1966)
For One Hundred Thousand Dollars Per Killing (1967)
Garter Colt (1967)
John the Bastard (1967)
Vengeance (1968)