Lou Castel

Born: 28 May 1943, Bogotá, Colombia

Lou Castel played the Gringo in Damiano Damiani's revered political western 'Quien Sabe?' (aka 'A Bullet for the General) and the bible carrying preacher's son in 'Requiescant' (aka 'Let Them Rest'/'Kill and Pray'), who reads a prayer for his victims after gunning them down.

He also appeared in what is possibly the genre's most surreal entry - Matalo. Yes, this one is even more bizarre than 'Django Kill'. Here he proves to be the fastest Boomerang in the West !!! The kind of film you will either love or hate - personally I love it.

His career started with an uncredited role as a party guest in Visconti's celebrated 'The Leopard'. Later appeared in the cult favorite 'Killer Nun' and disaster movie 'The Cassandra Crossing'. He remains active in films to this day.

Spaghetti credentials:
Bullet for the General (1966)
My Name is Pecos (1966)
Let Them Rest (1967)
Matalo (1971)