Ty Hardin

Born: 1 January 1930, New York, New York, USA
Birth name: Orton Whipple Hungerford II

Served as a US Army Officer in the Korean War.

Nicknamed 'Typhoon' as a child he adopted the abbreviated 'Ty' as a screen name.

Warner Brothers gave him his own show as Bronco Layne in the series 'Bronco' and, as this character, he also had guest appearances in 'Sugerfoot', 'Maverick' and 'Cheyenne'.

One of his first movie roles was in 'I Married a Monster from Outer Space'. He also makes an uncredited appearance in John Sturges' 'Last Train from Gun Hill'.

He played the lead role in the Spaghetti Western 'Drummer of Vengeance' using a wind-up toy to signal the time to draw in a Duracell-bunny-type variation of the 'For a Few Dollars More' pocket watch.

He is now a preacher running his own church in Arizona.

Spaghetti credentials:
Man of Cursed Valley (1964)
Savage Pampas (1966)
You're Jinxed Friend, You Just Met Sacramento (1970)
Drummer of Vengeance (1971)
Acquasanta Joe (1971)
Last Rebel (1971)
Vendetta at Dawn (1971)