Craig Hill

Born: 5 March 1927, Los Angeles, California, USA

After co-staring as one of the helicopter flying heroes in the long running US T.V. series 'Whirlybirds', Craig Hill, like many other American actors, had a successful career in Europe, including many gritty Spaghetti Western appearances.

After several years away from the silver screen, he has recently returned to acting.

Spaghetti credentials:
Hands of a Gunman (1965)
Adios Hombre (1966)
Taste for Killing (1966)
Rick and John, Conquerors of the West (1967)
Bury Them Deep (1968)
Fifteen Scaffolds for a Killer (1968)
I Want Him Dead (1968)
No Graves on Boot Hill (1968)
And the Crows Will Dig Your Grave (1971)
Drummer of Vengeance (1971)
Go Away! Trinity Has Arrived in Eldorado (1972)
In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Colt (1972)
My Horse, My Gun, Your Widow (1972)
Animal Called Man (1973)
Gunmen and the Holy Ghost (1973)