Robert Hossein

Born: 30 December 1927, Paris, France

Hossein is the creative force behind one of the very best euro-westerns, 'Cemetery Without Crosses' - as director, lead actor, and, together with Dario Argento and Claude Desailly, co-writer. His father, Andre Hossein, composed the excellent score.

His friendship with Sergio Leone almost led to the great director making a cameo appearance in the film as a hotel clerk - but Chris Huerta plays this role in the final cut of the film. Hossein, in return, was due a role in 'Once Upon a Time in the West' (supposedly that of Morton) but this didn't materialize either due to other commitments.

He is also has director, star and writer credits for one of the very first Euro-Westerns, 'Taste of Violence'.

A prolific actor who continues to work in film and television.

Spaghetti credentials:
Taste of Violence (1961)
Cemetery Without Crosses (1968)
Judge Roy Bean (1970)