Livio Lorenzon

Born: 6 May 1923, Trieste, Italy
Died: 23 December 1971, Latisana, Italy
Sometimes credited as: Charlie Lawrence

Lorenzon makes an appearance in 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly' as Baker, who is in search of the cash box. But his appearance is brief as when Angeleyes is paid 'he always sees the job through'. Elsewhere he was frequently typecast as a Mexican bandit in a large sombrero.

He was in one of the very first Euro-westerns 'Terror of Oklahoma' and the beautifully titled 'Chrysanthemums for a Bunch of Swine'.

Brother of Gianni Solaro, who also appeared in a few Spaghetti Westerns.

Spaghetti credentials:
Terror of Oklahoma (1961)
Last Gun (1964)
Colt Is My Law (1965)
Colorado Charlie (1965)
Texas Adios (1966)
Savage Gringo (1966)
Go with God, Gringo (1966)
Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966)
Rita of the West (1967)
Two R-R-Ringos from Texas (1967)
Cjamango (1967)
Ace High (1967)
Chrysanthemums for a Bunch of Swine (1968)
Winchester Does Not Forgive (1968)
Gun Shy Piluk (1968)
God Will Forgive My Pistol (1969)