Peter Martell

Born: 1938, Bolzano, Italy
Birth name: Pietro Martellanza

Peter Martell appeared in many Spaghetti Western supporting roles - but he has lead roles in Rafael Romero Marchent's 'Two Crosses at Danger Pass' as 'The Kid' in a revenge-for-a-slaughtered-family plotline, Ringo in 'Ringo, the Lone Rider', again under the direction of Marchent, and as the title character in Demofilo Fidani's 'Hero called Allegria'

He also has a key role in the genre classic 'Forgotten Pistolero' as Rafael out to get revenge against Francisco (played by regular bad guy Piero Lulli) - the man who, as we come to learn, has castrated him - "Do you remember when I made you regret you were born a man?"

He later appeared in several giallos including 'The Bogeyman and the French Murders' and 'Death Walks at Midnight'.

He worked little after the mid seventies eventually becoming a recluse, but made a welcome return to acting in 2002 as Dracula in Jess Franco's 'Killer Barbys vs. Dracula'

Spaghetti credentials:
Black Tigress (1967)
Fury of Johnny Kid (1967)
Ringo, the Lone Rider (1967)
Death Rides Alone (1968)
Dollars for a Fast Gun (1968)
God Made Them ... I Kill Them (1968)
Long Day of the Massacre (1968)
May God Forgive You ... But I Won't (1968)
This Man Can't Die (1968)
Two Crosses at Danger Pass (1968)
Chuck Moll (1970)
Forgotten Pistolero (1970)
Ringo, Its Massacre Time (1970)
Hero Called Allegria (1971) Patience Has a Limit, We Don't (1974)