José Manuel Martín

Born: Born: 24 May 1924, Casavieja, Spain

José Manuel Martín appeared in what is credited as one of the first "modern" spaghetti westerns, 'Savage Guns' - and so began a long career as one of the genres more prolific supporting actors, lasting over a decade.

He also appeared in the American Western '100 rifles' and the Jess Franco movies 'Marquis de Sade: Justine' and 'The Castle of Fu Manchu'.

Spaghetti credentials:
Savage Guns (1961)
Bullets Don't Argue (1964)
Minnesota Clay
Arizona Colt (1965)
Four Dollars for Vengeance (1965)
Man From Canyon City (1965)
Pistol for Ringo (1965)
Gunfighters of Casa Grande (1965)
Bullet for the General (1966)
Django Shoots First (1966)
Five Giants From Texas (1966)
God Forgives, I Don't (1966)
Relentless Four (1966)
Taste for Killing (1966)
Minute to Pray, a Second to Die (1967)
Fifteen Scaffolds for the Killer (1968)
I Want Him Dead (1968)
One After Another (1968)
Seven Dollars on the Red (1968)
Bullet for Sandoval (1969)
Arizona (1970)
Forgotten Pistolero (1970)
Ben and Charlie (1970)
Bad Man's River (1971)
Bastard, Go and Kill (1971)
Trinity Sees Red (1971)
Cut-Throats Nine (1973)