Cameron Mitchell

Born: 4 November 1918, Dallastown, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: 6 July 1994, Pacific Palisades, California, USA

A USAF bombardier who served in WWII, he was involved in stage work both before and after the war.

He is perhaps best remembered for his role as Buck Cannon in the TV series 'High Chaparral'.

In the early 60's he became involved in the popular Sword'n'Sandal epics and Viking movies then being churned out in Europe. Among these was Mario Bava's 'Erik the Conqueror' - the director for whom he also gave a lead role in 'Blood and Black Lace', credited as one of the very first giallos.

He plays the title character in Sergio Corbucci's 'Minnesota Clay'.

Spaghetti credentials:
Minnesota Clay (1964)
Last Gun (1964)
Eye for an Eye (1972)