Jack Palance

Born: 18 February 1919, Lattimer Mines, Pennsylvania, USA

During World War II, he suffered severe injuries when his B-17 Bomber crash landed in England.

A long established Hollywood star, Palance makes a welcome appearance in several Spaghetti Westerns, most notably in two of Sergio Cobucci's best films.

In 'Mecenary' he camps it up as the sadistic Curly and in 'Companeros' he plays the villian John who has been saved from crucifixion by his pet hawk Marsha - "She ate off my hand". "Well these things happen" - Classic Corbucci.

He again played a character called Curly in the hit comedy 'City Slickers'.

Spaghetti credentials:
Mercenary (1968)
Companeros (1970)
It Can Be Done ... Amigo (1971)
Sting of the West (1972)
Brothers Blue (1973)
God's Gun (1976)