Hunt Powers

Born: Miami, Florida, USA
Birthname and usually credited as: Jack Betts

Know as Hunt Powers to Spaghetti Western fans, this pseudonym was mainly reserved for his work in the genre and a handful of other European releases. Elsewhere he uses his real name, Jack Betts. Could it be that he was ashamed of his work in the Spaghetti Westerns? - perhaps forgivable when considering that much of his work in this field was for Demofilo Fidani, considered by many to be the 'Ed Woods' of Spaghetti Western directors.

Early in his career he played Dr. Ken Martin in General Hospital, and has since been actively involved in TV productions.

More recently he appeared in the Sam Raimi's blockbuster 'Spiderman

Spaghetti credentials:
Sugar Colt (1966)
Greatest Robbery in the West (1968)
Django and Sartana Are Coming ... It's the End (1970)
Fistful of Death (1971)
One Damned Day at Dawn ... Django Meets Sartana (1971)
Reach You Bastard! (1971)
Stranger That Kneels Beside the Shadow of a Corpse (1971)
He Was Called Holy Ghost (1972)
Showdown for a Badman (1972)