Glenn Saxon

Born: 5 March 1942, The Hague, Netherlands.
Birth name: Roel Bos

Glen Saxson's most successful role was as 'Kriminal' in two films - a popular comic book hero in Italy similar to Diabolik.

After appearing in several Spaghetti Westerns he produced a variety of films in the seventies under his real name Roel Bos. These included 'The Profiteer' (Il Saprofita) and 'A Virgin Named Mary' (Vergine e di Nome Maria). The films were a critical success and entered for several prestigious film festivals including Cannes.

In the early 90's he moved to Costa Rica where he built the luxury jungle resort Villas Rio Mar.

Ten years later he has returned to Europe where he now dedicates his time to his family.

(Thanks to Roel for contacting me personally with this information ... and apologies for the previous errors in his biography).

Spaghetti credentials:
Django Shoots First (1966)
Go With God, Gringo (1966)
Magnificent Texan (1967)
If One Is Born a Swine ... Kill Him (1968)
Long Day of the Massacre (1968)